Data protection law

Data protection law

Data protection is becoming increasingly important, especially as an indication of quality in national and international companies. Data protection law is one of our law firm’s core areas of specialisation. Michael Siegert, the firm’s founder, played an active role in drafting the EU Data Protection Directive and implementing it in individual Member States. Drawing on our extensive experience, we now advise companies in Europe and the USA on all issues related to data protection law. On request, we also assume the function of an external data protection officer.

Who needs a data protection officer?

Every company in Germany, in which at least ten persons are constantly involved in the automated processing of personal data, needs a data protection officer. The appointment of a data protection officer may also be necessary for other reasons. We would be pleased to assume this function for your company and work with you to ensure that data protection law and data security regulations are observed in practice. We also advise company management on the processing of customer and employee data, and develop solutions for processing these data abroad. Finally, we also provide staff training in data protection law.

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